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Westworld V.I.P Men’s T-Shirt – Burgundy – XS chez Zavvi FR


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La Westworld V.I.P Men’s T-Shirt – Burgundy – XS est disponible chez Zavvi FR directement à ce lien: Westworld V.I.P Men’s T-Shirt – Burgundy – XS. Cet article est aussi disponible sur Amazon France

Westworld V.I.P Men’s T-Shirt – Burgundy – XS de la catégorie Home Accessories

Westworld allows paying guests to experience the thrills, triumphs and chaotic life of the American Old West… in whatever form that may take. The environment is populated by Hosts – androids with rigid programming to ensure they respond to and meet any guests desire, no matter how dark. Yet times are changing – with some hosts beginning to secretly move down the path towards true sentience, remembering their often traumatic past lives, they are beginning to question their masters, and ask why ? Our range picks out the best and most iconic imagery from the acclaimed series to bring you firmly into the Westworld style.All T-shirts are made from pre-shrunk 100% Cotton (excl. Grey at 90% Cotton & 10% Polyester) for excellent comfort. If you prefer a baggier fit, please order one size larger.

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