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Jurassic Park Gradient Beach Towel chez Zavvi FR


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La Jurassic Park Gradient Beach Towel est disponible chez Zavvi FR directement à ce lien: Jurassic Park Gradient Beach Towel. Cet article est aussi disponible sur Amazon France

Jurassic Park Gradient Beach Towel de la catégorie Home Accessories

The first ever human manufactured pre-historic park! A great success until an industrial sabotage leads to the shutdown of the park’s power including all security precautions; a total disaster when you have several de-extinct dinosaurs including Raptors, Baryonyx and a Tyrannosaurus rex now able to roam or hunt freely on the island. The 1993 film used ground-breaking CGI and created a revolution for the film industry, blurring the vision of illusion and reality for the audience.Our supersize towels are perfect for making a statement. Whether its wrapping up warm after a long bath, or packing your favourite kit for the beach, they come in a range of styles to suit everyones taste!Product DetailsBath Towel: 70cm x 125cmComposition: 70% Cotton / 30% MicrofiberBold, full-colour printMachine Washable at 40°C and can be tumble dried

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