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Gremlins Poster Bed Throw chez Zavvi FR


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La Gremlins Poster Bed Throw est disponible chez Zavvi FR directement à ce lien: Gremlins Poster Bed Throw. Cet article est aussi disponible sur Amazon France

Gremlins Poster Bed Throw de la catégorie Home Accessories

1984 comedy horror film Gremlins is a cult classic. Originally advertised as PG until parents watched the film deciding it was far too scary for children thus, creating the film rating PG-13.Make sure to follow these three rules when looking after a Mogwai or you will have trouble on your hands. Don’t put it near light. Don’t let it get wet. Do Not feed it after midnight. Ideal for all uses, whether to curl up under on winter evenings, in the car or when out camping.Product Details:Dimensions: 96cm x 116cm (Small) / 127cm x 152cm (Medium) Composition: 100% PolyesterWash at 40 degrees – Do Not Tumble Dry

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