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Alien Syndrome Bed Throw chez Zavvi FR


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Alien Syndrome Bed Throw de la catégorie Home Accessories

SEGA has developed more than 500 games, 70 franchises and 20 arcade systems since the 1980�s with many of these games and franchise�s still today resonating strongly with SEGA�s old and new players. Full of our all-time favourite gaming and arcade characters this range will take you back in time, whether being on an adventure with Alex Kidd; you must save his world from the evils of Janken, to fighting the criminal syndicate that is destroying the Streets of Rage or up into space battling the Aliens that have taken over your spaceship and captured your comrades.Celebrate all your favourite old-school video games with Zavvis SEGA range. Reminisce on your childhood; heading round to your friends house (the luckiest kid alive) who had a SEGA Master System or Mega Drive and taking it in turns to play against one another on games such as Golden Axe, Alex Kidd, Altered Beast and Streets of Rage. Using vibrant, bold and detailed designs Zavvis SEGA range will take you back to the late 1980s and early 1990s when video gaming was just starting out, who would have thought back then what gaming would be like today! Ideal for all uses, whether to curl up under on winter evenings, in the car or when out camping.Product Details:Dimensions: 96cm x 116cm (Small) / 127cm x 152cm (Medium) Composition: 100% PolyesterWash at 40 degrees – Do Not Tumble Dry

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